Cigarette smoking, is one of the most talked about, studied and analysed of all human behaviors and habits – and yet most of what is generally accepted to be ‘the known facts’ about it, and more specifically stopping smoking, is actually nonsense! That’s right – most of what you think you know about smoking cessation is just not true.

The media, driven by ‘expert opinion’ from the Medical Professions, tell us that people smoke because they are addicted to it, and that it is very difficult to give it up because of this. They talk about cravings, withdrawal symptoms, nicotine and habitual behavior, in order to substantiate their ‘addiction argument’, and yet are unable to explain why 99% of smokers sleep soundly at night without the need to keep waking up for a cigarette? …. or why since the ban on smoking on commercial airliners 94% of polled smokers stated that they could fly long-haul for eight or ten hours without thinking or worrying AT ALL about smoking? (In fact, most smokers ONLY think about smoking once the pilot has announced their imminent arrival at their destination.. knowing they will be able to smoke again soon, the smoker starts to think about smoking again…)

After perfecting ‘The Rob Kelly Method’ over fifteen years, Rob discovered that Stopping smoking is actually a VERY EASY thing to do – if you go about it the right way. What’s more, you can do it very quickly, you don’t need willpower (we will create that for you!), you don’t have to suffer cravings or withdrawal symptoms, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

In his research, Rob studied ALL the different methods and techniques of smoking cessation.. from ‘cold turkey’, to Zyban… from nicotine replacement therapy, to willpower… from placebo, to the Allen Carr method.. and what he discovered was AMAZING – and this led to him developing his own method, based upon what he discovered…

The Rob Kelly Method, is totally different to any other smoking cessation technique or intervention available: it’s very quick, inexpensive, there are no side effects or withdrawal symptoms, and – our research proves – it has a very high – 92.5% success rate.

The method is a no-nonsense, practical, life-changing experience, that puts YOU back in the the driving seat, and back in control of your thoughts, impulses and beliefs about smoking – making it very easy to stop.

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Welcome, to Stopping Smoking Easily.